4 steps of trading pins properly


Trading is to a successful man the best thing that they can do in their free time, but it can also be a nifty new hobby to get picked up by everyone that wants to get into the online market. However, this field is filled with many factors that can positively and negatively influence how your trade will go or just the simple trading experience. When it comes to trades you have to have some ground rules that you follow or else you will be in for a short ride to losing every trade that you take part in.


We will list the four important steps when it comes to trading properly

Always calculate your trade risks using your entry levels, profit levels and stop loss levels

Everyone has their own reason why they pick a certain trade and we won’t be delving into the ethical reasons behind them. What we will be pointing out is that before every trade is made, in the deciding period, you should calculate your risks. This has to take the entry levels, the loss levels, and the profit levels. Once this is understood the trades will have a clear path they must take before they are achieved.

Trade with a smart amount

People usually get into trades and they want to trade with as many things as they can. While this can be good if you have unlimited amounts of cash, we highly advise that you slow down and collect yourself. The more you trade the more experience you will accumulate. So, in the beginning, trade with small amounts and if you get a good prediction on certain trades risk it with a bigger trade but never start off by trading in high volume.

Adjust the stop loss accordingly

Many people make the mistake to limit their stop loss close to the entry. If you do this you won’t learn or grow from your trades, but won’t make any mistakes which is kind of a good thing. However, you have to grow and in order to get bigger trades, you have to increase your stop loss accordingly.

Monitor your trades

We won’t explain this as it is self-explanatory. Never let your trades go long without you being informed about every situation. Stay ahead of the problem or the trade problems will swallow you.