How to create your own custom lanyards


While every brand has to start with a certain product or service, once it does get its feet off the ground it’s time to create your own custom lanyard so that you can increase your brand recognition. Having a custom lanyard will help you establish your presence in the world where every successful brand has its roots made with a quality product but its presence recognized by a custom lanyard.

To create one, you will need to answer a few simple questions to yourself as creating one will shape how your brand is intercepted in the future.

What do you want the lanyards to represent

While you can have a quality product, sometimes it’s better to attach something other than the brand name to your lanyards. For instance, you can have a new catchy phrase that will be debuting on your lanyards, or you can have one product that you want to represent more to the world be the face of the lanyards.

What are the colors that will represent you

There are many colors that can be mixed up and used with one another, but the question you want to answer to yourself here is will you want your lanyards to have an aggressive color or one that will be felt more calmly. This will also be representative of the way you want to market your specific brand as you should think of your lanyards as a mini billboard that will represent your company in a mobile way.


Make it as simple as possible or with add-ons

A lanyard can be made from simple fabric with the end attachment being made from metal to hold the keys or a card. But it can also be made with additional features like a break-away at the top, at the bottom, or maybe both. Having one made to hold multiple things or just one.

With these questions answered, you will be closer to making your custom lanyard. The next step is to hire a company that has extensive experience in making them and ordering the amount you wish and that’s about it.