Take an expert’s advice for the cool summer


Sitting at home during hot summer days is not an option anymore. There is a good way how you can use your outdoor space and have a really great time with your friends, family and loved ones even though the sun has no mercy on your skin and body. We can offer you a great way how you can reduce the ambient temperature significantly and make it completely enjoyable for you and your friends. The trick is to get the outdoor misting systems with a special pump that will help you to regulate the water spray.

Our experts designed these systems with great care with a bit of their scientific knowledge about water evaporation. Misting systems will revolutionize the way you cool down when it is unbearable hot outdoor. No matter what type of property you have, commercial or residential, we have the specialized and customized misting systems for all sorts of ambient. Now, our team of top experts for misting systems is specialized in installing your high pressure misting system for both commercial and residential buildings.

We operate on many types of buildings with suspended cables, block walls, pool fences, dog runs, gazebos, pergolas, shading and canopy structures, ramadas and patios. Our great experience has allowed us to design the best installation techniques that go well with almost any building material. We can install your system on steel, aluminum metal, concrete, stucco, and wood.

The customized design and features

Of course, since we know that people like to take care of the details of design, we offer a variety of unique design solutions to match the specifics of your home. We have four different design options, nozzle extensions, power coating, multiple zones and riser spacing.

As we offer to install our misting system for you, we also offer to maintain it. There are two main types you can choose from. Spring Start Up and Winter Shut Down are the most basic maintenance services that we warmly recommend in order to make sure that your misting system stays functional and protected during the winter. This is how we can make sure that your system maintains the best performance and longevity, the two most important things.

Now, these two services are the most important ones and we are highly recommending them as a measure of prevention of any malfunction that could occur during the period when the system is not used. It is important to keep mildew and mold from forming, keep filters and lines protected as well as the pump from freezing and make sure that the parts are not worn out or improperly repaired.

A proper maintenance is an economic way how you can easily avoid any unnecessary repairs that are not cheap at all. One more thing is worth mentioning and that is the warranty. If you agree on these two services, the warranty will extend from one to two years. Contact us and get your misting system right away.