The best of the best at cable wholesale cat 5


In today’s digital age speed is everything. To achieve this speed, you have to have several components that are the best at what they do and if they are at an affordable price than the transaction is perfect. To understand how data transferring works we would have to go deep into the explanation on what can obstruct the data transferring, and we won’t be doing that.

In fact, in this article, we will assume you understand how data is being transferred and what can hamper the connection when it comes to data transfer, and we will be focused more on the quality of the cables that are designed to transfer the data safely and faster than the rest. There are several cables today on the market that have upgraded data transferring several times over the past few years and we will be mostly focusing on the cat 5 cables with some mention about the newer models.

So, you want to make a home network and you need some cables to transfer that data around the many computers. The cat 5 cables are perfectly suited for this job as they will transfer speed up to 1GB/s. Remember that the biggest bottleneck on your speeds will be your internet speed, if you download at 60-100mbs you will still transfer that connection on your network even if your LAN cables support more. But you will transfer local data at the cap of 1GB/s.

cableIf you are not using the old cables that came before the Cat5 era than you probably don’t need an immediate upgrade, and if you have I cat5e or Cat6, Cat7 than don’t worry as they are all backward compatible. The only difference is the higher numbers are newer and can transfer data at a higher speed for certain situations.

The best of the best in the Cat 5 market are definitely any cables that come from these brands:

– Avaya

– Mohawk/CDT

– Anixter

Any cables from these brands can cost between $5 or $20. But keep in mind if you are dealing with a big network where you might need the fastest speeds between your servers, you might want to check out the Cat 7 series as they are the latest and most advanced cables on the market.